Kicking off the Cycling Season

Mapping our ride on the Niagara Peninsula early last year.

Mapping our ride on the Niagara Peninsula early last year.

Finally, it’s here again! Each year since I started cycling–this will be my 5th season–I set myself a goal, and built on that over time.

Year 1 it was a 100k charity ride called Ride For Karen (did that in Year 2, as well).

Year 2, it was a 350k trip across PEI with the tour company just for women called Two Wheeling Women, which was amazing fun. And at the end of the summer I did Tour For Kids, where I cycled 200k over two days, to help raise funds for an organization called Coast to Coast Against Cancer.

Year 3, it was and a personal best of 164k in one day–a true century (100 miles). That ride was done in partnership with Two Wheeling Women, and raised funds for Right To Play. It was an incredible (if long!) day, and an equally incredible feeling to meet that goal. And then came another trip with Two Wheeling Women to cycle the length of Cape Cod. Marvellous.

And Year 4, my challenge was to get my husband started on his own road bike! Fortunately, he found he loves it too, so, finally I have someone to ride with. Until then, none of my circle of family and friends has a road bike. We got rides in all summer long, but I didn’t do anything organized.

So, what about this season, Year 5? I just discovered a cool event–well, it’s actually not really an event in the traditional sense. For the Great Cycle Challenge Canada, you register at their site and pledge an amount to raise and a distance to cycle during the month of June. The money goes to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The difference with the Great Cycle Challenge is that you aren’t committing to a specific day or days and hoping for the best weather. You can cycle to meet your goal in your own time, as long as it’s during the month of June. And you can log your kilometres on your own profile page on their site–just to keep you honest. My goal? Cycle 500k during June. I made an initial donation of $100, and will build my fundraising from there and see where I get.

I love that, this year, I should have 500k under my belt so early in the summer! Bring it on. I’ll keep you posted on progress…

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