Keeping Lips Healthy Year Round

Smooth, soft lips–who doesn’t want them? Skiers in particular know lips can get dry in winter, and not just because of the dry air. We forget about the sun’s effect. Whether it’s a day on the slopes or a walk in the city, I love a nice lip balm, but for me it always has to have an SPF, or what’s the point? You’re risking UV damage and skin cancer without it. (Another tip: To get rid of dead skin and avoid flaky lips, exfoliate them, whether with a lip exfoliating product, or by simply rubbing gently with a face cloth.)

All of which brings me to this: Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down at the gorgeously laid table, pictured below, and enjoying a delicious teatime event, courtesy of Blistex. Our lovely host was Valerie Ryan of Blistex (great to see you again, Valerie!), and the venue was the Coriander Girl florists’ studio in west end Toronto (just LOOK at those roses–and guests got to take a few home, too).

Beautifully decorated table, and luscious treats, at this Blistex-hosted tea.

Beautifully decorated table, and luscious treats, at this Blistex-hosted tea.

One of my favourite makeup artists, Vanessa Jarman, whom I’ve worked with over the years at magazine photo shoots, was there to give her own insights into lip balms as a spokesperson for Blistex’s new Soft & Lush. She calls it an “all in one beauty treatment for day and night.” Indeed, the salted-caramel scented (and flavoured) balm is enhanced with ceramides, which strengthens the skin barrier and helps lips retain moisture. And, yes, the balm has an SPF 15.

At just $4, it’s something worth keeping handy now, while winter holds its grip, and into the warmer months.


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