I’ve had a fulfilling career as an editor, writer and content creator for more than 20 years. This web site is not only my extended creative outlet, it’s a way I can share some insights and advice on healthy lifestyle. To me, the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle are real foods, fun fitness and homemade travel. Why include travel in the realm of health? Because an essential ingredient to health is happiness. Personally, travel has been key in making my life complete, and I simply want to share that passion. It’s a way that I embrace life and find excitement and inspiration. When travel of any kind can be blended with fitness that’s fun, and with real foods that are not only healthy but delicious, it’s a recipe for enjoying your best health.

Please do bear with me as I build up the content on my website. Meantime, here is what’s at its heart, and what I’ll be filling it with much more of:

Real-Food Recipes The recipes on this site have been tested by me in my own kitchen, and sampled by my husband, friends and family. Some recipes come from those friends and family, or are adapted from cookbooks. What they all have in common is the fact their ingredients are easy to find and not too expensive. They use whole foods, and the recipes are typically quick and easy to make. I definitely enjoy Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks (who doesn’t?), so for sure I’ll be highlighting a few of his recipes, too.

Fun Fitness  There are so many choices when it comes to how to stay fit; it really is an individual thing. But what I learned over my years as Editor-in-Chief of Best Health magazine is that the number-one key to good health and sticking with fitness is finding what you love…something that is actually FUN. That means you have to try a bunch of different options, because it’s a process of elimination until you find your thing. I finally found my thing (two things, actually)–cycling and Pilates–but I also love skiing and yoga, though I don’t get nearly enough of them in my life. So, meantime, I walk! Briskly. (I aim for 12,000 steps a day, monitored by my iPhone.) In this pillar of my web site, I look at a bunch of different fitness experiences.

Homemade Travel  What is “homemade travel”? It’s the name I’ve come up with for my style of seeing the world. Yes, group tours work for many people, and can be tailor-made and excellent (I’ve tried a few and liked them). But my style of travel has typically been to grab a few travel books well ahead of travel dates; pinpoint places to stay with the help of online research; collect points to allow for FREE travel as often as possible; and create a personalized day-to-day agenda. That way, your travel experience is authentic. Disadvantages: Yes, this travel style takes more preparation, and it means you’re on your own dealing with currency, language, menus… And that’s where organized tours can really add ease to your trip. But homemade travel offers a great, experiential payoff. In this pillar of my site, I’ll let you in on some of the travel I’ve done, so you can do it, too–your way.

Enjoy bonniemunday.com!

Career highlights: Editor-in-Chief, Best Health (Toronto). Senior Editor, Reader’s Digest Canada (Toronto). Launch Editor, Our Canada magazine (Montreal). Editor, English Edition, CAmagazine (Toronto). Senior Editor, Reader’s Digest Asia (Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia). Senior Publications Executive, Hong Kong Tourist Association (Hong Kong). Speechwriter, Ontario Government Queen’s Park Communications Office (Toronto). Fact-Checker, Chatelaine magazine (Toronto). Graduate of Carleton University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.

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