Spinach-Feta Omelette Sandwich

This is so good that I’ve had it for lunch twice in one week. Simple!

  • Wash a large handful baby spinach leaves and place on a non-stick frying pan (no need to add any oil, though). Add 3 or 4 seeded, sliced cherry tomatoes. Heat vegetables until spinach shrinks.
  • Crack one egg slowly overtop (if you want to cut down on the cholesterol, use just the white). The egg will spread on the pan but as it cooks and whitens, use a spatula to scrape egg back on top of the veggies.
  • As omelette cooks, pop an English muffin into the toaster.
  • Flip omelette; cook about another minute. When muffin is toasted, add feta cheese to bottom layer; lay omelette on top.
  • Add whatever sauce you fancy–I use La Bamba, a spicy Italian condiment I can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

    So yummy!

    So yummy!

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